Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Freebie!!!

I've started around 15 units and activities that I have intended to post to TpT and haven't gotten any completed yet. It's a little scary to create something and throw it out into the world like that. What if I missed something when I edit it? What if no one finds it as useful as I did? I'm feeling brave today and posting my first FREEBIE. It's not colorful or full of clipart, but it has been useful in my classroom. I implemented behavior punch cards in the fall and it has really helped to motivate my students to do their best. The kids get an extra punch for each level (green or above) that they end the day on. I can really see them working hard to clip up so that they can get more punches. Enjoy!
I'm not 100% sure which blog I snaged my behavior clip chart from. How bad is that??? I think it was from Mrs. Freshwater's Class blog. Head over and grab one for your classroom.

Click on this picture below to download!

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