Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Literacy Center Response Sheets for Young Learners

One of my favorite centers in my classroom is the listening center. I have a wonderful variety of books and CDs ordered from Scholastic and my students LOVE listening to them. I like that my listening center is always ready to go with very little planning. Just change out the story and the response sheet and the kids are set. This fall I discovered a problem. Somehow I lost my entire file of listening center response sheets! This was super frustrating and prompted a serious multi-weekend classroom organization project. Every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and even file cabinet was cleaned out. Still no missing file of response sheets! Sigh. What's a girl to do? I did what any TpT/teacher blogger would do... created a set of simple literacy center response sheets that are easy enough for kindergarteners (even beginning of the year kinders). Click here to visit my TpT store and check them out for yourselves. Happy center time! Click here to preview and download.

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