Monday, March 18, 2013

Great Giveaway and a FREEBIE!

Hi friends! I am happy to be a part of Christy's awesome giveaway over at Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road. She is celebrating 100 followers and has put together a ton of great prizes. Head on over to get entered!
I've been hard at work the past few weeks creating a couple different units . My husband keeps asking what on earth I'm working on each evening. I think he's just afraid that I'm collecting more pins to my "husband projects" board on Pinterest. I about did him in a few weeks ago while we were home for our snow days. Ha!
Here is a little sneak peak freebie from my new spring unit. I hope to be wrapping it up in a few days. Anyone else suffering from the pattern of feeling way more creative and full of ideas when you don't have time to work on your units and a bit uninspired when you actually do have the time? Click the picture below to download. Hope you enjoy it!

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Christy said...

Haha, my husband fears Pinterest too. There seems to be a correlation between that website and hunny-do's :)

Thank you for joining in with the giveaway, and sharing about it too!

Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road