Sunday, April 10, 2011

Classroom Store

My class has been busy learning about money this month. Now it is time to apply what they have learned! In the Spring I set up a classroom store and my students can earn play money to go "shopping" with. They absolutely love it!!!

I ask my local bank to donate the little coin purses for the kids to use as wallets. If you can't find those a small envelope will work just fine to keep coins in. I set out items that I have picked up throughout the year at Dollar Tree and in the Target dollar isles. My students can earn coins for good behavior, being a good friend, helping me or each other, working quietly, perfect papers/tests, etc. I can also take coins away if they misbehave. One or two times a week I open the store and kids can spend their money or save it for a bigger item if they wish.

The only rule is that they have to count out the money to me. After the first couple times they really get the hang of it! I use a play cash register and pretend to really ring their items up.

I love this activity because it is easy to manage and helps tremendously with end of the year behavior issues that arise. My class is so busy trying to earn money that they have almost stopped bickering…almost. :)

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Miss J said...

Love this idea!!